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When: 6. 10. 2014, 19:30

Where: Prague Crossroads, church of st. Anne, street Zlatá / Liliová, Prague 1 - see on map

The main goal of this project is to draw the attention of the society, media, Czech government and also a businessmen who intend to travel to China to make a business there. We would like to inform them about a grave situation of human rights and its violation under the rule of chinese communist regime.

The concert itself is organized without a claim of reward and is offered to all people of good will. We believe that it can assist to better foreknowledge about this matter.

We chose Prague Crossroads because it is associated with the name of the Czech ex-president Vaclav Havel, who became a symbol of the struggle against totalitarianism and who was also known as the uncompromising proponent of human rights.

By organizing this concert, we would like to express a moral support to people who are unjustly prosecuted by the Chinese totalitarian regime - political prisoners, prisoners of conscience and especially the followers of the ancient spiritual practice (Falun Gong). This teaching includes a set of meditative exercise for mind and body and focuses on the development of one‘s morality. Its goal is to adapt to principles of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance. Last but not least we would like to express this moral support to Chinese lawyer Gao Zhisheng. Both of those cases are among the most serious violations of human rights in the People's Republic of China.

We would simply like to make a modest gesture of humanity and solidarity expressed from one man to another and continue to follow up the ideals of November so called.“Velvet Revolution“, which we passed through with the ideas like "we are not like them", "we do not want violence". We also realized that in the end "truth and love must prevail over lies and hatred". Today in these times when representatives of czech goverment are strengthening economic ties with China we would like to do so ever more.

Ideas that have led us to organize this concert, are expressed in common statement Conscience can‘t be bought.

The concert title "Conscience can‘t be bought" comes from the nickname "The Conscience of China", which belongs to Gao Zhisheng and also from the label "prisoners of conscience", which represents the followers of Falun Gong. It also reflects our conscience and business contracts signed without sense for conscience and morality. Finally, the title also express that no amount of money can lead to clean conscience.