Marta Kubišová

"To repeat that it is important to emphasize moral values instead of money and power does not make sense. This has been already said by many sages and thinkers. Those who are identified with what we are saying here will naturally join us and there is no need to point it out."

 Jitka Hosprová

"If we start to disregard this matter, it will proceed maybe even in a larger scale and we will actually support those who torture innocent people."

   Jan Potměšil

"I think there is a huge point in doing this and my natural need is to manifest that the call for justice, for human rights and its support is a natural and necessary matter."

Kateřina Jacques

"It is not for the first time that free world has been fooled and deceived by the fact that in China everything is fine, or at least it would be. We all know that until now there wasn’t slight change for better."

      Jan Budař

„"I‘m wondering what can everyone of us do when we see what ongoing injustice is happening in China. I think that everyone who faces this fact and is capable of empathy understands that we all are human beings, and feels some type of solidarity with the suffering of those people who are quite hardly and unjustly punished by totalitarian regime."

   Yellow Sisters

"On our album Tubab Woman in the song Sweet Dreams you can hear a speech given by Nelson Mandela, who inspired us greatly. It's a gift to have opportunity to speak to a wider audience and it would be great if our public representatives could rather carefully choose their words and inspire us all to be courageous and wise…"

   Olga Lounová

"Artists have always reflected and still are reflecting the situation in the world or somewhere around. Like a media and journalists they are one of few who still have a huge possibility to influence others."

   Daniel and the

"I‘ve read the book about lawyer Gao Zhisheng and it really moved my heart, we actually wrote a song about his life, so I wished to be part of this concert."

 Zdeněk Vojtíšek

"I think that the escalation of the persecution of Falun Gong by the Chinese government is senseless and irrational. Falun Gong is probably now the most fiercely persecuted religious group in China."

    Jufeng Guo

"I was subjected to at least 30 different types of torture and imprisoned four times for believing in truthfulness, compassion and tolerance, moral principles of Falun Gong. During the last detention, I was imprisoned in three different labor camps for total time of 454 days. "